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Meet the Teachers: Meet the Team


Our Fantastic Instructors and Artists




Born in the Netherlands, raised in Germany, Paul has called many places home - VA, NC, Australia, WY, and now FL. 

"The ocean or the forest is where I can be lost and found all at the same time. Nature recharges my soul, and is the focus of my creations. I am extremely fond of realistic animal and human forms, as well as impressionistic paintings. With a BFA in Sculpture from Virginia Tech, I find creating art is a way of expressing what and how I see life, or at least a way of enjoying it. Sarcasm in life and art is always a "like" in my book. It has been a pleasure teaching, sharing, exploring, and just trying to make every day better than the last."



Instructor/ Shop Assistant

Raised not born in Jacksonville, Lilly has always been drawn to traditional crafts like quilting and ceramics. She is inspired by traditions, relationships, and memories when creating her mixed media work. Lilly graduated from FSU spring 2023 with her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art, focusing in ceramics, sculpture, and figure
drawing. Be careful though, she will talk your ear off if you ask about her cats or husband.

If Lil’s not creating or working she can be found trying new activities like hockey and jiu jitsu with her husband or playing with her cats.

Instagram: @plush_ceramics




Lizzie Scott graduated from the University of North Florida, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, in Spring 2020. Originally from England, she moved to Florida 12 years ago and has loved living here ever since. She started working with ceramics in 2017 and quickly fell in love with it. Specializing in painting and ceramics, she makes the desired form and then paints it using underglaze. With a love of nature, she themes her work around plants, fungi, and animals. Her functional ceramics tell a story using illustrations seen on her work. Lizzie incorporates a variety of techniques to create a unique style. During her free time, she is usually in the Atlantic Pottery Supply Studio. She enjoys relaxing, playing games, and sketching at zoos and aquariums.

Instagram: @l.scottpottery




Originally from Oregon, Randy moved to South Florida to begin his automotive career. After graduating from Atlantic Technical College in Pompano Beach, he moved to Jacksonville to work for BMW. Finally liberated of the juggle of school and work, he found himself with enough time to pursue the passion of ceramics he  developed throughout high school. Setting up a studio in his studio apartment, Randy quickly fell in love with ceramics again and hasn't slowed down. When not teaching or creating you can find Randy skating the streets with his friends or tinkering with cars.


Instagram: @scrandell




Mark is a native of Atlantic Beach and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Florida. He makes functional and sculptural pieces that explore visual depth and aim to ignite a sense of curiosity, both during the making process as well as with the finished product. He is passionate about traveling and engaging with new locations and experiences, which often informs new perspectives and ideas for making art. When not teaching, you can find Mark working in his home studio, exploring in nature, and spending time with friends and family. 

Instagram: @marklestersculpture




Ivy is a multimedia artist with a strong background in printmaking. Alumni from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and currently at FSCJ, fulfilling BFA requirements. Aside from school, they work at Swan Tattoo as a tattoo artist. They are inspired by the elegance of Southeast Asian porcelain and the boldness of American traditional tattoos; their ceramic features traditional flash and line work that's been passed on through generations. Making a visual balanced with the two styles symbolizes the effort to balance their heritage and culture spiritually.

Outside of pottery, you can find them at FSCJ in the printmaking studio or working at Swan Tattoo

Instagram: @tonofivy 




Digital Marketing Specialist

Erin is a studio member turned digital marketing specialist for Atlantic Pottery Supply. She is a mom, wife and artist creating small batch ceramic pieces in Jacksonville, Florida. She has been creating ceramics for over three years, but has been creating art since she could hold a pencil. Never straying far from the creative field, her background in fine arts and architecture tends to influence her designs. She loves incorporating flowers, sea life, and words into her pottery, as well as constantly testing glaze combinations.


When she is not creating ceramics, she is busy chasing her son, husband and corgi. She's our in-house glaze expert and can be found chatting with customers at the studio.

Instagram: @erincavanaghceramics

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