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Peri is a ceramic artist from Kentucky who transplanted to Jacksonville this past February and is loving every minute of it! She graduated from the University of Louisville with a BFA in 3D, allowing her to rotate between multiple mediums in her art. Her business and teaching focus is in clay. 
Catch Peri at her studio or Atlantic Pottery Supply during the weekdays, and Riverside Arts Market on the weekends! Outside of pottery Peri busies herself with teaching science clubs, rock climbing, cooking, and exploring the city! 

Her website:

Instagram: @potterybyperi



Cal is a dog dad, studio artist, educator, and the front house manager at Buddha Thai in Jax Beach. He has worked with every medium at some point, but settled into ceramics in 2012. He's been working with hand-built and wheel-thrown porcelain and a palette of cobalt, blush, and yellow. He considers those to be his primary colors and uses them fairly exclusively. Recent inspirations are paper, metals, cold, and old lady clothes. Cal is influenced by our environment too, so sometimes beachy elements indirectly find their way into his work. 
Outside of clay, he's a scent nerd, loving interesting scent compositions for perfumes and candles and really enjoying blending fragrances when he has the time. Some of his favorite notes are cedar, smoke, gardenia, jasmine, and amber. In his wildest dreams, he’d operate a boutique selling ceramics, fragrances, and other goods.


Instagram: @calcookceramics



Stacy is a structural and functional ceramic artist using hand building technique. A native New Yorker, you can always find her walking her dog at Guana State Park. She has been working with ceramics her whole life and loves to teach students of all ages.



Jamey Meteer is a professional studio artist from Northern California. While her roots are in painting, she has found her true home as an artist in ceramics. Her work is heavily inspired by the natural world and its hues; flora and fauna are common subjects among her collections. The majority of her pieces are hand and slab built, but she finds wheel throwing a core part of her pottery identity. She has a special interest in making porcelain jewelry and sgraffito carving techniques. Her home studio is currently located in the sunroom of a historic bungalow in Murray Hill. 


Instagram @JameyMeteerArt

Facebook: Jamey Meteer Art



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