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Paragon 120-volt Home Artist Kiln

SKU: PAR-homeartist
The Home Artist Kiln plugs into a 15 amp, 120 volt standard household outlet. It has a built-in luggage carrier for easy moving. The Home Artist Kiln operates with the simplicity of a microwave oven. The three button controller heats at the speed and temperature you want. An easy step-by-step instruction guide comes with the Home Artist Kiln so you can program your kiln for the different types of art you create: clay, ceramic paints/glaze, china and decals, PMC, glass fusing.
12"W - 12"D
.73 cu ft
2000˚F - Cone 03
120 Volt - 15 amps - 1,800 watts
Price: $949.00

Shelf Kit:

240 volt:

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Paragon 120-volt Home Artist Kiln
Paragon 120-volt Home Artist Kiln
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