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Olympic Medallion MAS 1818HE Kiln

    • Easy to use and affordable!
    • Less energy consumption, using 3" brick which provides extra insulation for more efficient firings
    • More green in your pocket when you save dollars & energy with Olympic's Medallion Artist Series
    • High fire cone 10 kilns
    • Four models to choose -
      MAS1818HE, MAS1823HE, MAS2323HE & MAS2327HE
    • Electronic controller for convenient, precise firings
    • Includes stand and peep hole plugs
    • One Year Warrenty 

      Price: $960.00
Furniture Kit:

Orton Kiln Vent:


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Olympic Medallion MAS 1818HE Kiln
Olympic Medallion MAS 1818HE Kiln
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